Working at Wedding Venues

Working at Wedding Venues

Why we love wedding venues

Throughout our summer season, we work at a wide range of venues – both private homes and wedding venues. Both have so many benefits – with not many negatives.  A wedding at home, offers an incredible amount of flexibility, with the freedom to do as you wish – but we don’t all have the space to do this!

Thankfully, dotted around the country, there are hundreds of wedding venues, that specifically offer marquee weddings – as opposed to offering wedding barn facilities.

We are very lucky to have strong relationships with some of the best marquee wedding venues in the country (& world)! Today, we will highlight the reasons we like to work with wedding venues, and the benefits they offer to the bride and groom. Each venue presents a distinctive canvas for creativity. The team takes pride in tailoring their marquee offerings to complement the unique characteristics of each location, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the overall wedding experience. 


Planning a wedding is a one off – unless you work in the industry, or wider events industry. It’s unlikely that you have worked on an event of this scale before – so, harnessing knowledge and experience from your suppliers will be invaluable! In our opinion, this is the first, and most important benefit of a wedding venue – they’ve done it before and know what they’re doing! Yes, there may have been a wedding in the same place the week before, but every element of every wedding is on repeat – the church, the caterer, the band, the marquee – all deliver weddings, week in week out – you’re not the first! But use this to your advantage, and pick your suppliers / venue to create your unique day.

It is always an absolute pleasure working with The Original Marquee team, who consistently ensure that the planning process and the build itself is precise, efficient & enjoyable. They always go above and beyond for our couples, offering customer service that is the perfect combination of professional and fun.

Jane Riddell, Planned For Perfection

Each venue presents a distinctive canvas for creativity. The team takes pride in tailoring their marquee offerings to complement the unique characteristics of each location, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances the overall wedding experience.

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An insight into a few of the venues we work at, and can recommend:

The Casterton Grange Estate, designed by iconic 19th Century architect Ewan Christian boasts a history steeped in English tradition.

The house was designed with entertaining in mind. The flexible spaces and interconnecting rooms make Casterton Grange perfect for hosting parties and events of all kinds. It’s a place to relax in, to celebrate in and most importantly, to make memories in.

Cornwell Manor, in Oxfordshire is a beautiful private manor house, set in its own 2000 acres of Cotswold countryside. It is available for private hire weekends each summer, for weddings or parties.

Cornwell manor has two ‘pitches’. The beautiful croquet lawn, at the foot of the renowned steps, and the larger pitch in the parkland adjacent to the church – both super special.

Edenhall Estate is a private estate with luxury accommodation, for up to 70 guests. There is the choice between two spectacular event sites nestled between The Lake District & The Pennines

High Barn sits at the top of the estate, with incredible views of the eastern fells. The second site, is on the estate lawn, overlooking the private late, deer park and the Pennines.

Newington House, Oxfordshire is one of the finest private estates in England. Just an hour from London, this country home is set within 50 acres of impeccable Oxfordshire countryside.

With undisturbed panoramas of Windermere 365 days a year, Silverholme Manor is an unforgettable home from home to make your own. Whisk your guests away with you to the place of your dreams and fall in love in a world that has romanced, not only some of English literature’s greats, but a whole nation.

Culden Faw Estate, Oxfordshire is a 30 acre estate in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. Within the estate there are many beautiful wedding locations from riverside meadows to the forest opening, our favourite is Greenland’s Park.

Capheaton Hall is a place for people to come and enjoy the very best of Northumberland. It is unbelievably tranquil, old-fashioned and relaxed. Staying here is a chance to make this wonderful place yours and indulge in gentleness, serenity and relaxation. At Capheaton, you are not just visiting a lovely old Estate, you are becoming part of a small but rich and vibrant rural community and we do hope you love it as much as we do.

The house, grounds and estate make Belcombe Court a perfect venue for exclusive, romantic weddings. Belcombe has a licence for civil ceremonies for those couples who would like to get married on site. The plentiful grounds means opportunities are endless.

Cotswold Field of Dreams  offers a truly unique and memorable location for your event, party or wedding. It offers privacy and freedom to do what you want, exactly the way you want to do it. If you are after a site to hire for an event, wedding or party then look no further.

From the point of first contact, and hearing the choice of venue, our team will know immediately the capabilities of the site- where the marquee will go, the best size to fit the space, how the site will be accessed, what ancillary requirements there are, the list goes on.

Essentially putting you on the front foot for planning, removing many what-ifs, and allowing us both to talk about making our offering and your day, bespoke.

Most wedding venues have recommended suppliers – including caterers, planners, loo companies and generator suppliers – meaning there is a collective understanding and expectation amongst suppliers on how to deliver at ‘said’ venue. This is also the same for non-venue weddings. From our side, we learn, and take note of specific requests – making these requests the ‘norm’. We firmly believe that anything we can do to assist our fellow suppliers deliver to the best of their ability benefits our mutual client, exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

As mentioned above, wedding venues will generally operate a ‘recommended supplier list’. This is a list of suppliers that the venue trusts to deliver to the standards expected by the venue. Most lists will include a variety suppliers, to suit different styles, budgets and availability. To ensure you guarantee the service you would expect, we would highly recommend utilising the list – rather than bringing in other suppliers – to avoid any surprises! Also, amongst the lists, make sure you ask suppliers about each other – caterer about marquee, marquee about loos etc.. Each will offer invaluable advice!

Still on supplier lists – the ever-important factor of ‘Sustainability! Almost all venues we work with, work with local suppliers. Suppliers that operate no more than 60 miles of their HQ.

There is two benefits here. Firstly, it means suppliers aren’t traveling excess miles to deliver, thus less fuel, emissions etc.

Secondly, they are nearby should there be a problem – it’s going to be an hour, maybe two to get support when needed.

Many venues come with the option for onsite accommodation. Selecting a wedding venue with accommodation streamlines the celebration, offering unparalleled convenience for both couples and guests. The on-site lodging transforms the venue into a retreat, perfect for destination weddings or scenic locations like the Cotswolds. For couples, it ensures a stress-free environment, allowing them to focus on the joyous moments without logistical concerns. From a logistical perspective, this choice simplifies event planning, ensuring a seamless timeline.

View our recommended supplier lists for the North and South.

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Keep an eye out for our feature on venues over the next few weeks.

Why Original Marquees?

Why Original Marquees?

Why Original Marquees?

There really isn’t anything better than a proper English wedding, outdoors under natural canvas. Our marquees are bright and airy during the day with the option to fully open all the sides creating the distinctive ‘floating canopy’ look. As the day turns to night our signature ‘Flying Festoon’ lights illuminate the swooping roof lines and fluttering flags. The warm glow of the marquee draws people in like a moth to a flame and the party goes on.

Choosing a marquee company for your wedding day is an important decision that will impact not only the tone of the day but also the whole planning process. With a combined 40 years of experience in the events industry, we take huge pride, in both our work and your celebration. We promise to transform your big day into a truly extraordinary experience, from start to finish!


When entrusting the creation of your dream wedding space to us, there are several key considerations that couples often want to know, so let us share why choosing Original Marquees for your wedding day is a decision that goes beyond simply picking a marquee company….

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Let us share why choosing Original Marquees for your wedding day is a decision that goes beyond simply picking a marquee company…


British Luxury –

Made in Yorkshire

One of the standout features of Original Marquees is the origin of our marquees. Our luxury sailcloth marquees are handmade by Wills Marquees, based in Yorkshire, using traditional materials and old fashioned know how, our canvas and wooden pole marquees create a magical space that will stand the test of time.

Traditional and timeless Sailcloth

Our marquees stand out for several reasons, making them a preferred option for those seeking a touch of elegance and romance. The translucent fabric used in sailcloth marquees allows natural light to permeate, creating a soft and inviting ambiance during the day. This unique feature enhances the overall aesthetic, providing a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor elements and perfectly creates a diffused natural light for stunning photographic opportunities.

Secondly, the versatility of sailcloth marquees also adds to their appeal. Their design allows for open sides, providing guests with breathtaking views of picturesque landscapes, a particularly desirable feature for weddings in scenic locations.

Our marquees are also designed with the British weather in mind, ensuring that the celebration can continue smoothly regardless of the elements, and they also avoid a baking green house effect that some marquee designs have once the sun shines. This practical feature adds to the reliability of sailcloth marquees and ensures comfort to your guests no matter the weather.


Expertise & Experience

Entrusting your wedding to us, means sharing the burden of, what can sometimes be, a stressful planning process. Our team is made of experienced professionals who meticulously check every aspect down to the finer detail. Zoom and phone calls, site visits, personalised aerial site plans; are all just snapshots of the planning journey we will take you on, and it will leave you free to savour every moment of your celebration and be confident that it is in our teams very capable hands. 

Cost Transparency

Clear and transparent pricing is crucial. We find couples appreciate knowing the full cost breakdown and not hiding any potential additional charges. Our quotations include the cost of each individual item, so you can pick and choose what you would like us to provide and even after you book, we stay flexible to allow you to make changes throughout the planning process! We find this transparency enables trust and crucially it helps you stay within your budget.


Additional Services

We can provide more than just the marquee! We can provide everything you will require to bring your vision to life. Such as lighting, furnishings, and décor. Plus, we have curated a network of trusted suppliers that we can sub hire facilities like generators and toilets from. These suppliers are trustworthy, offer good value for money and provide exceptional quality products for your big day. So, if you wish, all these items can be booked through us and you only have to deal with us, instead of juggling several suppliers.

Picture the week before your big day, you’re enjoying the final preparations of getting your hair and nails done and not drowning in multiple emails from several suppliers. We will liaise with your suppliers and answer any of their questions on the marquee and extra hired items to ensure the smooth running of your big day, so that you don’t have to.

Customisation Options

We believe that for weddings, ‘nothing is too much trouble.’ We love to step out of our comfort zone and bring your ideas to life. Our marquees are a blank canvas and together with you, your families and your chosen suppliers we will help bring your ideas to life. It’s our commitment to ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision, contributing to the creation of a masterpiece that is uniquely yours.

Reviews & Testimonials

You are about to plan the biggest day of your lives, and we understand it is important to seek feedback from previous clients to read their experience of working with us. We are very proud of our 5* service and our testimonials will provide you with reassurance on our reliability and the quality of our service. See here for a recent selection of reviews

Hand Picked Local Suppliers

Choosing Original Marquees means gaining access to our carefully curated network of local suppliers, whom we have worked with for years and consider them as part of our wider events family! We spent years building relationships with venues, florists, photographers, planners, caterers & furniture suppliers within the events industry to ensure that every aspect of your event is seamlessly integrated. 


Weather Contingency Plans

Marquee weddings allow you to celebrate your love with your family and friends in beautiful places, in the great outdoors and allowing you to utilise beautiful views whether that be at home in your garden, to a local farmers field to a grand stately home! However, living in the UK sadly means we aren’t guaranteed a perfect blue-sky day. However, we put your mind at ease as our wealth of experience offers multiple contingency plans.

Our walls all roll up or down, so if the weather is warm, they can be rolled up to offer a alfresco outside dining experience. If the wind picks up and the clouds start to darken, our clear walls quickly roll down and offer protection against any elements without blocking light or the all-important views. Our tents withstand wind, rain & heat and we will provide plans to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your guests regardless of the weather.

Venue Compatibility

Clients want assurance that the chosen marquee is suitable for their selected venue. Questions about size, layout, and logistics are common, ensuring a seamless fit with the chosen location, we will come to do a site visit to first and foremost, meet you, get to know you, look at the site, answer any questions and put your mind at ease over any concerns.


Insurance & Safety Measures

Safety is paramount, and we take it very seriously. We take every safety precaution, and we are fully covered with public liability insurance. Weddings can be costly, therefore we highly recommend you take out wedding insurance to cover your entire event (from your marquee, flowers, band, even down to your wedding cake, it should all be covered!) including your own public liability insurance, so that you are always financially protected.

We also offer an optional damage waiver policy on our quotations and can give you advice and recommendations for insurance to help make sure your money is protected.

Timelines & Logistics

Clear communication on timelines and logistics is essential, so that you can have a stress-free planning experience. Right from the initial enquiry, we will outline what you can expect from us. Starting with the planning process right through to set up and take down, we will give you a step-by-step guide.



Marquees with a conscience: events by nature, can be very wasteful, so in an era where sustainability is a key consideration, our marquees are crafted with a commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on quality. They reflect a conscientious choice, sourcing natural materials and are locally made making them the ideal option for those who seek elegance without compromising their commitment to the environment.

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