Why Choose a Sailcloth Marquee

Why Choose a Sailcloth Marquee

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Why Choose Sailcloth

We understand the critical role a marquee plays in the grand tapestry of your big day. The choice of a marquee significantly influences the ambiance of the wedding. It’s not just a shelter; it’s a space that allows couples to showcase their unique personalities and style. While some may question the necessity of investing in a top-tier marquee for a structure that is ostensibly temporary, reserved for just a single day. As dedicated professionals in the wedding industry, we have cultivated insights that dispel such reservations, after all weddings are expensive and this is your big day, so we know you will want to do it right. Therefore, choosing Original Marquees offers a distinct advantage over other alternatives and here’s why….

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It’s important to choose a marquee that reflects your style and luckily our stunning Sailcloths cater to all styles…


Personalisation & Quality

With personalised lighting, flooring, and furniture, a sailcloth marquee allows for creative freedom in designing the perfect atmosphere for your big day. Whether that be a rustic bohemiam feel to a luxury elegant feel, it is important to choose a marquee that reflects your style and luckily our stunning sailcloths cater to all styles. Remember it is much easier to decorate an already beautiful space that is offered by our sailcloth marquees, than trying to spruce up a space which is already not in keeping with your vision.

Our marquees are easily customisable, with fairy lights, to festoons. Chandeliers to lanterns, couples can set the mood they desire for their special day. Our Sailcloths are made of individual pieces of canvas, compared to the sperry alternative of one giant piece, allowing couples to customise the size of their marquee to accommodate their guest list comfortably. It also means depending on availability, couples can change the size of their marquee, by adding more sections to offer a chill out area, or remove sections if their guest list reduces, to give a cozier feel.

The attention to detail is also evident in the inclusion of the smaller details, such as our flying festoons, providing a charming mimic that adds a unique and magical touch to your event. Customisable flags and finials further enhance the personalisation options, making each marquee a bespoke creation tailored to your specific preferences. We also use ropes instead of ratchets, offering a more authentic and traditional approach.

The decision to manufacture these marquees in Britain with Wills Marquees emphasizes a dedication to quality and craftsmanship. The ability to hang decorations and easily install lighting is facilitated by the thoughtful inclusion of rigging, ensuring that your chosen marquee becomes a canvas for your creativity. The lighting and ambiance inside our sailcloth marquees can be controlled to create a romantic and intimate setting with various lighting options and dimmable switches, this can also be altered through the day to reflect the mood, from romantic during the day, to a party vibe late into the evening.

While budget considerations are undeniably important, we can’t emphasize enough, the importance of the long-term impact of investing in a high-quality marquee. A well-crafted sailcloth marquee not only withstands the elements but also adds a touch of elegance and charm to the celebration. We distinguish ourselves through the deliberate choice of using cotton canvas over the cheaper poly-cotton plastic canvas. Ensuring quality, a touch of classic charm and originality that surpasses common alternatives, cotton canvas is also preferred due to its natural, breathable properties. Making it an excellent choice as this natural material allows air to circulate, creating a comfortable atmosphere within the marquee, which is especially crucial for events during the summer months.

Furthermore, cotton canvas possesses a unique ability to age gracefully, developing an elegant patina over time that complements the luxurious setting of our marquees. Couples who prioritise quality are rewarded with a magical and memorable atmosphere that enhances the joy of their special day and looking at our testimonials you will see why your guests will notice the difference. Many of our testimonials reflect on comments from their guests saying how beautiful the marquee was, the incredible quality of the canvas and the high-end finish to all elements inside and out. 

Marquee Over Venue…


Our marquees offer the space to create a more intimate atmosphere compared to a large, impersonal venue. Choosing the best marquee size for you allows you to make sure you have enough space for all elements of your day whilst offering a close-knit feeling, fostering a sense of warmth and connection among guests. We will put your marquee in the location of your choice, we don’t charge corkage or for extending the festivities into the early hours and we help you with the planning process right from the start, so you can still benefit from our expertise, guidance and reassurance.

You will also have a designated separate space for all your wedding activities, making it easier for vendors, planners, and coordinators to organise the days logistics. Think a designated space for dining, dancing, the all-important bar and perhaps a chill out area instead of trying to fit everything into a small space which results in pauses during the day, where all guests need to leave the space for it to be turned around by your suppliers. This contributes to smoother coordination and execution of the wedding day and a much nicer flow for you and your guests.




Our marquees allow couples that have always envisioned an outdoor wedding, to choose a location that holds sentimental value to them whilst offering breathtaking views whilst reassuring that you have shelter and a beautiful setting to get married. This will create a unique and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests and as marquee weddings offer location flexibility, you can make the most of incredible views and perhaps host the big day somewhere special to you. Whether that be on a family property, in a neighbouring field, on the shores of a lake or on the grounds of a stately home, your marquee will allow you to host your festivities in your dream location.

Your marquee will provide the backdrop to the entire day, so again the quality and style plays a huge role in enhancing the views rather than obscuring or deflecting from them. Depending on the location you choose and the logistics it encompasses, choosing a marquee wedding can often be a cost-effective alternative to booking a traditional venue.


This cost saving can then be redirected towards other aspects of your wedding planning, such as entertainment, catering, or planning your dream honeymoon. Your family and friends can also be as involved as you like when decorating too, and involving close relatives in the wedding preparations can add a sentimental and familial touch to your celebration.


Another huge bonus is the opportunity for extendable celebration hours. There is no curfew in your marquee, which means no need to worry about the party ending too soon or unexpected fees for wanting to extend the evening beyond the average midnight finish. Our marquees also have the advantage of being access friendly for any guests that require wheelchair access, so no one will be excluded from any area element of the day.


Weather Proof


It is also a well-known fact that particularly in the United Kingdom, the weather can be a little unpredictable. The marquee you choose should provide shelter from the rain, wind, excessive sun and should ensure the wedding can proceed smoothly regardless of the weather conditions. So knowing your marquee is well crafted, made from durable materials and can withstand all the elements will ensure you can enjoy your day regardless of the weather.

Our marquees offer protection against the elements to ensure your day runs smoothly and your guests are comfortable. For example, the addition of a valance around the perimeter of the tent distinguishes these sailcloth marquees from others, showcasing a commitment to craftsmanship and design that goes beyond the ordinary which also provides a practical benefit of protection against run off, ensuring your marquee will withstand all the elements.

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Choosing Original Marquees offers a distinct advantage over other alternatives and here’s why…..


Why Sailcloth Compared To Other Types Of Marquees? 

The choice between sailcloth marquees and other types of marquees or tipis for weddings ultimately depends on personal preferences, the wedding theme, and specific requirements. Both options have their own unique characteristics and appeal but there are some reasons why some people might prefer sailcloth marquees over tipis for weddings:

Sailcloth marquees are often associated with a polished and professional appearance. They have a classic and elegant timeless look compared to alternatives that come and go with ever changing fashion tastes. Our cotton canvas is a light cream fabric and we offer see through walls to allow natural light to filter through during the day and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Compared to tipis, our marquees offer a much lighter and brighter space that equally feels cosy at night with a soft, romantic ambiance when lit from within.

Due to their neutral light colour, they also offer the flexibility to suit any colour scheme during the day and also perhaps even change the colour theme in the evening, by casing light onto the canvas or using draping to bring a splash of colour to your marquee. Our sailcloth marquees have high ceilings and an open layout, creating a spacious and airy atmosphere. This can be appealing for couples who want to avoid a more enclosed feeling and desire a sense of openness in their wedding venue.

They also reduce the greenhouse effect that you can perhaps experience in some of the clear span glass marquee alternatives. The last thing you need in the run up to your wedding is worrying about bad weather AND the sun shining. You want to hope the sun comes out on your big day, you don’t want to worry it might mean your marquee becomes too hot or blinding with glare from the sun.

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