Stretch Tents

Stretch tents, sourced from Free Form in South Africa, embody centuries of tradition utilized by the nomadic Bedouin tribes. These tents, steeped in cultural heritage, are renowned for their portability and versatility, making them a great addition to our offering.

Originating from the deserts of the Middle East, where resourcefulness and adaptability are paramount, these tents have stood the test of time.  Stretch Tents are today crafted from durable and weather-resistant materials, they offer reliable shelter against the elements, making them suitable for various outdoor events.

Ideal for gatherings such as wedding ceremonies, drinks receptions and parties these stretch tents provide an elegant yet practical solution for additional cover. Their flexible design allows for customization to suit any space, whether it’s sprawling landscapes or intimate settings.

The allure of these tents lies not only in their functionality but also in their aesthetic appeal. Their graceful peaks and flowing lines add a touch of exotic elegance to any event, creating an atmosphere of enchantment and sophistication.

Continue to read below to find out about sizes and capacitys.

Sizes & Capacity  

 7.5x10m Stretch Tent

Generally used as a canopy for a small ceremony, reception or bar area. Modular by design so we can adapt the size if required.

Usable Area – 74.25m²

Standing 80-100 / Ceremony 80 /  Dinner Trestles 60 / Dinner Rounds 50

 10x15m Stretch Tent

A more versatile structure with the option to have it as a canopy or pulled down in the corners. Modular by design so we can adapt the size if required.

Usable Area – 156m²

Standing 100-180 / Ceremony 180 /  Dinner Trestles 120 / Dinner Rounds 100

 Larger Sizes on request…

Our Stretch Tents in action

bride walking down the isle
a stretch tent by the river
Bride and groom walk down the isle in a 10x15m tent
Romantic kiss between newlyweds
stretch tent chill out space with guests relaxing
Stretch tent 7.5x10 metres in size with matting
Stretch Tent Party at night with lights
Ceremony with bride and groom under a canopy
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