Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the catering tent?

Our catering tents come in three different sizes, 6x6m , 6x9m, and 6x12m. They come with grey plastic hard floors and strip lighting throughout the catering tent. They are then connected to the main marquee by a tunnel and baffle. We can supply service trestle tables for your caterers with normal or high legs if required and we can provide as many power sockets as they need. Please let us know how many service tables your caterer requires around 3 months prior to your big day and what their power requirements are around 1 month prior. Please note the venue is responsible for providing the water supply.

What’s included with the fridge trailer?

We can hire in refrigerated trailers if required by your catering company. They come in various sizes, so please ask your caterer what they require. Positioned next to the catering tent, they are stocked with shelves throughout and they cool down to 1 degrees Celsius in 2 hours. If the door is kept shut it will keep this temperature overnight without power. To be plugged into mains power the night before event.

What’s included with the bar? 

Our bars come in various sizes, including the half round bar, the round bar, the oval bar and the long bar in either 4m or 6m in length. The price includes the structure only but shelves can be removed for your bar suppliers fridges and our bars are compatible with keg taps. We will also supply power if needed.

What’s does the stage look like? 

The stages we hire in come in 8x4ft panels. Please ask your band or DJ what size stage they require. They are black and are 1 foot of the ground with a black valance.

How many heaters will we need and what do they look like? 

Our heaters have a 2x2ft subtle white vent which is positioned at the side of the tent which blow hot air sufficient enough to warm the inside of our marquees. We recommend just one per tent as they are very effective. We use EC35 for 9m tents and EC55 for 12m tents which run on diesel and just require a 16 amp feed. Please note sometimes the heaters can cause damage to the grass underneath them.

What do the luxury toilets include?  

The luxury toilets we hire in through an external suppler come in various sizes but our the most popular are the 2+1 and the 3+1 (which means 2/3 female toilets and 1 gents with a couple of urinals). We will recommend the correct size based on your number of guests. Toilet roll and hand soap will be provided.

Can  you provide power for all of our suppliers requirements?

We can provide as many sockets and extension leads as required if we are providing the power distribution inside the marquee. Please ask your caterers and suppliers how many sockets and what their power requirements are for their electrical equipment and please fill out the power requirements form that we will send you prior to your event, so that when we come to deliver, we can ensure your suppliers have the correct power in the correct location.

What do I need to know about set up & take down?

To ensure the best ground conditions for your marquee and prevent delays in the build, we ask that all holes are filled in or leveled off in preparation for set-up, there are no obstacles and that there are no fires in the area in the two months prior, to ensure time for the grass to re-grow.

In advance our team arriving on site for set-up, please ensure the grass on site has been cut short, and collected – it will make a huge difference, both under foot and for the photos – and is very hard to do once the marquee is up!

On the confirmed delivery day, the team will arrive between 8 & 9 am. Ideally, you, a parent or a planner will be on site for our arrival – to approve the final site position and to discuss the build process. If no one can be there on our arrival, we will position the marquee according to the plan created. Please note variations may apply if the ground isn’t suitable when following the plan – any changes will be at the discretion of the site manager if you cannot be there.

We would expect the marquee up and floor down by the early afternoon, furniture, loo’s and generator to arrive mid afternoon, and to be completed by late afternoon. *purposefully no precise timings here, as
there are lots of variations.

Please ensure you are on site again late afternoon (a time to be confirmed on the morning with the team) for the all important hand over – This is to teach you how to turn the generator on and off, open doors / walls, lift and lower flower rings etc.

Although we aim to complete on the day, we will, if required, return the next day – so it is important to ensure you are happy with the set up and nothing is missing.

We usually start take down between 8 – 10am. Please make sure there is a cleaning process in place to clear away any crockery, bottles, decorations etc the morning after the wedding day prior to the time above or on the last day of use, so that we can start taking the tent down immediately on arrival.

What if the weather forecast isn’t great? Or is looking like it will be hot!

In the event of rain we will do our best to provide cover where possible. If you are having an outdoor ceremony it might be worth considering adding a stretch tent or smaller sailcloth marquee for your ceremony area if you are worried about the forecast. We can add these onto your invoice last minute but please note they are subject to availability and we cant guarantee we will have a structure available which is why we suggest booking one in advance if the forecast is causing you any worry. Please note, once a stretch tent is confirmed on your invoice it in non refundable.

If the weather is looking good, you are more than welcome to fold up the sides of the marquee. It is easy to do and we will show you how during our hand over.

Do the flower rings come dressed with flowers? 

We provide the flower ring itself, NOT the flowers, therefore a florist would need to dress this for you. This also applies to the flower ladders and gripple wires. Please see the decorative item specification for more details on max weight they can hold, how they can be dressed and extra infomation for your florist.

What is the difference between a trestle table and a rustic trestle table?  

Trestle tables are standard long tables (seating 6 per table) that require linen over the top of them. Please note we don’t provide linen – this would be something you would need to source yourself. The alternative is rustic trestles which are wood long tables that don’t require being covered with linen.

Do the crossback chairs come with a seat cushion? 

The crossback chair colour and seat vary depending on which external supplier are supplying them, but as a standard, they come with a hessian seat but don’t include a seat cushion. You can add seat cushions (usually they come in cream), please enquire if you would like to add this to your quotation or invoice.

Does the hard floor with carpet come with a plastic protective film? 

Carpet sits on top of the hard floor and you can choose the colour of the carpet (please enquire for available colours). If you decide on the champagne carpet, you have a choice if you would like to add a protective plastic film on top of it. This will protect it from any dirt etc while all of your suppliers are moving throughout the marquee during set up. This will then need to be removed (we will score it and it will just need to be lifted the day before or morning of the event). As the Original Marquees staff wont usually be there the evening before / morning of the event, you will need to appoint someone to remove the plastic film should you wish to include this. It is of course optional and we will of endevour to keep the carpet as clean as possible if you choose not to include it, but please be aware we can’t be responsible for any damage caused by other suppliers.

What is the matted flooring like? 

The matted floor could be described as almost a hessian texture. It will be installed with a plastic membrane underneath to keep it as dry as possible and heels won’t go through it! This is a great flooring option when you have flat grass which is cut nice and short, which will make it feel firmer under foot.

What are flying festoons? 

These are white festoon lights that go along the top of the tent on the outside, our signature lighting.

Will someone from OM be there on the day of the event? 

We will not be there the day of the event unless requested by yourselves. We will only be onsite during set up and take down. If you would like an OM employee onsite during your event, they can help with all things to do with the marquee and the items we have provided, but they cannot help with any other external duties e.g. helping guests park, showing guests where to go etc. They will be there to make sure everything looks perfect inside the marquee, roll the walls up if its a nice day, turn the lights on etc and they can help troubleshoot any problems should they arise. Please note, they will be there for an 8 hours (the time slot will be agreed prior), it is subject to availability and there will be an additional fee to have an OM employee onsite on the day of the event.

What is the damage waiver? Do I need wedding insurance?  

We highly recommend you get wedding insurance to cover your event. To include public liability, employers liability, cancellation of/ or part of the event and our property & services.

In addition to your insurance you may elect to pay the optional 5% damage waiver fee. In the absence of event insurance, the damage waiver is obligatory. If the damage waiver fee is included we will not seek to claim for any loss or damage to the equipment provided. However, please note you would still be responsible for all loss or damage to equipment resulting from wilful neglect or malicious acts, theft, or legal liability. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions

What do I need to know about generators?  

We sub-contract our Generators from external companies. They run on white diesel and will enough power to supply all of the electrical requirements inside the marquee. Our offering includes distribution which means we will provide all the cables and power sockets required by your suppliers. We will need to know your supplier requirements, so please speak to your Caterer, Band, DJ, The Bar etc and ask them what their power requirements are and how many electric sockets they require. All the sockets in the catering tent will be on 32A sockets which will provide ample power (for example all catering appliances will be around 13A).

The generators come from our trusted suppliers that we use every weekend. We very rarely encounter a problem, but one of the causes of tripping a generator is from overloading sockets particularly in the catering tents – so, its really important that we supply the correct amount of sockets, to ensure each is not overloaded.

You will be taught how to use the generator. However, all suppliers offer a 24/7 number to call in case of an emergency. A member of staff from the generator company can be usually onsite to fix a problem within 2 hours, but will normally be able to identify the problem remotely – please don’t worry as this is extremely rare! A staff member from Original Marquees is also on call, so if anything should happen, don’t worry, we will sort it!

The generators we sub hire include 18 hours of fuel. This is something the suppliers have put in place. Please note there is more than 18 hours worth of fuel inside the tank, so if you go over this useage, don’t worry, it wont stop working however the suppliers may send a bill following the event for any extra fuel used.

Please note if you choose to plug any appliances into mains power overnight to conserve generator fuel, this must be done at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible for electrics plugged into houses, venues or any main supplies.

Can I design the layout inside my marquee?   

Yes! We love to personalise our marquees to suit your needs and the flow of your day. We can recommend layouts that we have done in the past that work well but ultimately you can decide how you would like it to look inside. We will work with you on the marquee layout to ensure everything fits and to make sure it looks even better than you imagined! 

Can I have fireworks outside the marquee?    

Yes! We just ask that for health and saftey and also insurance purposes, the fireworks are situated 100m or more away from the marquee. Please make sure your wedding insurance covers you for any damage that could be caused by fireworks. 

Will Original Marquees come and do a site visit?   

Yes! It is a great opportunity for us to meet you in person and see the site or venue that you have in mind. We will measure the site, check the access and discuss all the logistics with you. This will give everyone peace of mind and ensure that when we arrive to set up your tent a few days before your event, that we are already familiar with the site and we know we can deliver everything promised. We will liaise with you when is best to come and do the site visit. Sometimes the site visit will take place during the enquiry stage, especially if it is a site we are unfamiliar with. However, if it is a venue that we have been to many times and know very well, it is sometimes more useful to have the site visit when you are further down the line with planning your event. We will come and chat through your ideas, advise you what will work best and answer any questions you may have. 

Are the internal lights dimmable?

Yes! The internal lights are on a dimmable switches, so when the sun goes down you can create a glowing ambience inside your tent. 

Can I design the layout inside my marquee?   

Yes! We love to personalise our marquees to suit your needs and the flow of your day. We can recommend layouts that we have done in the past that work well but ultimately you can decide how you would like it to look inside. We will work with you on the marquee layout to ensure everything fits and to make sure it looks even better than you imagined! 

Can we use our marquee either side of the wedding day itself? 

Yes! We usually set up the marquee on a Wednesday or Thursday and take it down on Sunday (or depending on availability, this could be extended to Monday for a fee if you wish). Our site managers will schedule the set up and take down according to our calendar, but please let us know if you have a preference at the time of booking. If you would like to use the marquee the night before for a dinner or afterwards for a brunch, you are more than welcome too! Please make sure your insurance covers the entire duration of the hire. Also some things to consider are, might you require extra fuel for your generators (if being used), 18 hours of fuel is included as standard. You also might want to consider a toilet service if you would like them refreshing and restocking if they are being used over multiple days.   

Does the marquee require lining or draping?

No, the marquees are beautiful sailcloth marquees, so they dont require a lining or draping inside. However, if you would like to personalise your marquee with some unique draping throughout the ceiling or on the walls, we can recommend suppliers who offer bespoke drapery that will transform your marquee! With an array of fabrics and styles, each design is meticulously tailored to suit your theme and preferences. This is a great option to bring in colour or texture and it can add warmth, charm, and an unforgettable touch of elegance to every corner!

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