Site Visit Form

Please fill out the form below with as much infomation as possible. Please note we require this form to be completed prior to to conducting a site visit....

Please provide the full address, postcode and if you have any other infomation, such as a What Three Words or any instructions such as gate codes / where we should park...
E.g. Narrow lanes or tracks, entrance width / turning radius suitable for long vehicles, hard or soft terrain – Is tracking required? Will the entrance that we use be the same for the guests?
(If not, please describe the site in detail)
E.g. Above head (trees, power or phone wires), below ground (drainage pipes, power cables, heat pump) or at ground level (manicured lawns, boggy areas etc)
If vehicles can’t park directly by the pitch – How long is the walk to the pitch? Are there any steps?
If not, please describe where you would ideally like them to go?
Please let us know where you would ideally like this to be positioned (If it is further than 25m from the kitchen, we will need to order additional distro)
Will these be removed, reduced in size or if they are going to be near the tent, please let us know what type of trees they are (we need to be careful of damaged caused by sap)
E.g. the floor will be leveled, obstacles moved?
Are there any underground wires?Are there any underground pipes?Are there any overhead wires?Are there any other potential dangers we need to be aware of? (Please provide as much detail as possible)
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