Round Bars -Why we love them.

Round Bars – Why we love them.

Most weddings, parties and other celebrations choose to include a bar with their marquee booking.  Alongside lighting, dance floors and furniture, our bars are nearly as popular as our marquees.  You’re welcome to supply your own bar but we think ours is a little bit special!

Whether you plan to use your bar to serve drinks, canapés or to even have your own DJ within one, they make a fantastic focal point to the party.

At 4 metres in diameter our round bars are not little but we think that’s rather the point.  It makes a great statement and can be really useful in dividing your marquee in to distinct sections creating rooms in your marquee.

Perfect with a Flower Rings.

Why not pair your bar with one of our flower rings. Floating above the bar flower rings can be dressed with foliage or why not try some pendant lights with Edison bulbs.

We have two sizes of flower ring, a 1.5m diameter and a 4m diameter.



Bar Marquee

For the very ultimate round bar experience, we can supply the bar with its own marquee.

Pairing the round bar with one of our 7m rounds or a 9m rounds would free up space inside the marquee and also add another level of luxury to the event.  These tents are beautiful and in keeping with the main marquee.


Hopefully this goes some way to explain our love for our round bars.  Add it to your marquee booking, try it out and see for yourself!


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