Lighting & Accessories

  £50 Each

Flower Rings

1.5 metre (5′) diameter steel ring ready for florists to decorate. Can be lowered and raised on pulleys.



Add some atmosphere to your event- these fab subtle uplighters can really change the atmosphere for the evening.  Package includes 5 lights and your choice of colour gels.

  £250 Each

Giant Flower Ring

4 metre (13′) diameter steel ring ready for florists to decorate. Can be lowered and raised on pulleys.

Edison lighting not included but available on request.


Fairy Lights

Look magical hung in swags around the inside walls and overhead down the centre line but can also be hung in stars and cascades


Flying Festoons

Flying Festoons are one of our marquees signature features. They swoop above the marquee canopy and illuminate the top of the tent for all to see.

  £12 (per m)

Shepherd’s Crooks Giant

Create a 25m pathway, entrance or enclosure with our shepherds crooks and festoon lighting.

  £95 (60cm Fire Bowl - Doesn't include wood) Each

Fire Bowl

Firebowl – comes with a wood store to enjoy when the sun goes down, works perfectly with hay bale seating or chill out furniture

  £50 Each

Entrance Walkway

10m Matted Walkway, goes very well lined with lanterns hung from shepherds crooks helps to create a sense of occasion on arrival

Photography Credit: Sarah Mason